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Emancipation Day for Kids
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Emancipation Day is on August 1st and recognizes the day that the British Parliament abolished slavery in 1834. Learn more about the history of slavery and racism in Canada with this book list for kids.
Title Overview Format & Publisher Call Number
Birchtown and the Black Loyalists Birchtown and the Black Loyalists Book - 2014
Nimbus Publishing
971 .625 TAY
Abigail's Wish Abigail's Wish Picture Book - 2016
Africville Africville Picture Book - 2018
Groundwood BooksHouse of Anansi Press
Africville Africville
An African Nova Scotian Community Is Demolished - and Fights Back
Book - 2021
James Lorimer & Company Ltd
971 .6225 WES
To Stand and Fight Together To Stand and Fight Together
Richard Pierpoint and the Coloured Corps of Upper Canada
Book - 2008
971 .3 PIT
R Is for Reparations R Is for Reparations
Young Activists Speaking Their Truth
Book - 2019
Roseway Publishing
382 .44 R IS
Enslaved People in Canada Enslaved People in Canada eBook - 2020
Coast 2 Coast 2 Coast
Chasing Freedom Chasing Freedom
A Novel
Book - 2011
Fernwood Pub.
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