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More About the World

Reflections on the Enduring Quest for Discovery

Doucet, Pierre
Book, 2022

113 DOU

What We Owe the Future

MacAskill, William
Book, 2022

171 MACA

A (brief) History of Vice

How Bad Behavior Built Civilization

Evans, Robert
Book, 2016

179.809 E

The Greatest Evil Is War

Hedges, Chris
Book, 2022

172.42 HEDGES

Make Space for Happiness

How to Stop Attracting Clutter and Start Magnetizing the Life You Want

McCubbin, Tracy
Book, 2022

179 .9 MCC

The Truth About Lying

Teaching Honesty to Children at Every Age and Stage

Talwar, Victoria
Book, 2022

179 .9 TAL

Discipline Is Destiny

The Power of Self-control

Holiday, Ryan
Book, 2022

179 .9 HOL

Human Kindness

True Stories of Compassion and Generosity That Changed the World

Francis, John
Book, 2022

177 .7 FRA

Islam, Causality, and Freedom

From the Medieval to the Modern Era

Koca, Ozgur
Book, 2020

122 KOC

Big Lies

From Socrates to Social Media

Kurlansky, Mark
Unknown, 2022

177 .3 KUR

Ashtanga Yoga

Scott, John
Book, 2018

181 .45 SCO

The Power of Thank You

Meyer, Joyce
Preloaded Audiobook, 2022

179 .9 MEY

The Hour of Our Death

Ariès, Philippe
Book, 1981

128 .5 ARI

Being and Nothingness

An Essay on Phenomenological Ontology

Sartre, Jean-Paul
Book, 2021

111 .5 SAR

Quotes That Will Change your Life

A Curated Collection of Mind-blowing Wisdom

Book, 2020

170 .44 QUO

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